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Throughout DoxShare’s development we’ve spoken to a host of companies who say that compliance, data security, auditability and information control are crucial regulatory aspects for their business. However they are often unaware of numerous risks due to the way in which their ‘secure’ information is stored and shared.

Organisations frequently share critical documents, including intellectual property, via email – which can be intercepted by cybercriminals with even fairly basic skills. Sensitive documents are often stored on consumer file sharing websites which could, through their higher web profile, be targeted for malicious attack and so inadvertently expose organisations to a variety of security risks: many cloud storage providers do not meet recognised security standards, take ownership of users’ data and have intent to share it with third parties.

Another potential consideration for European businesses is that many file storage services use stateside server space, bandwidth or connections which could have implications for data privacy in the long term.

As a solution designed for business users, DoxShare can mitigate all these issues, delivering exceptionally high levels of security and privacy for your data over and above what mass market solutions can deliver.

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